TBM Cooling System

TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) during the boring operation, use water in order to cooling the shield of the TBM’s cutterhead.

The water used for cooling the cutterhead of the TBM, work in a close circuit: by a pump the water it is pumped inside the TBM go through a cooling circuit of the TBM cutterhead  and then the water came out from the TBM and go back inside a water storage tank.

Of course the water temperature during the cooling operation became high.
For this reason it is necessary to use a cooling system that allow to keep the water temperature at the right value in order to avoid any problem to the TBM.

For this reason Cogede design produce and supply  cooling system for TBM    

TBM Cooling System

Cooling system for TBM

The Cogede  cooling system for TBM are design according the TBM type and model and according the environmental condition.

All the cooling system for TBM are made in modular way and containerized for an easy installation, transportation and friendly use.  

The Cogede  cooling system for TBM are usually made-up with cooling tower group, chiller group, water storage tank, pumps, electronic instrument and control pane to manage in automatic way the complete cooling system for TBM

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Cooling system for TBM installed inside the container, chiller group

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