Lime milk preparation station

Lime Milk are commonly used in the water and slurry treatment plant.
Lime milk preparation are used in water treatment mainly to reduce the water hardness, and for the neutralization to adjust the pH or to precipitate the pollutants.
In the slurry treatment the lime milk preparation is an important operation before the slurry dewatering by filter press or other technologies to improve the slurry dewatering performance.

Cogede design, produce and deliver lime milk preparation unit for different process applications, where all the lime milk preparation units are designed according to the specific process needs.

The Cogede lime milk preparation systemis fully automatic and can be equipped with the dust filter for silos loading. Additionally special silos can be designed with vibrating system for the lime discharging in order to avoid any potential problem of stoppage of the lime inside the silos.

The milk lime preparation will be done inside a tank equipped with mixer. Whereas the lime dosing inside the mixer tank will be done by a screw controlled by an inverter.

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